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The Mirror Pond Murders - a sequel to Suspects
Will be published June 17, 2019
Available to bookstores through Ingram
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Cover - The Mirror Pond Murders

Suspects - A Northwest Murder Mystery

Suspects Front Cover

Dan Martinez aims for the straightforward life of a triathlete only to have his plans upended by the welcoming arms of a beautiful artist—and further thrown into chaos by the murder of her husband. The obvious suspects are the artist, Dan himself, and Dan’s own father. Dan unearths the victim’s dark past and a host of suspects, one of them the long-lost daughter of the victim that Dan may be falling in love with. The hero makes his way with wit, grit, and a sometimes shaky understanding of criminal law.  Can Dan fend off the sheriff while not becoming the next victim himself?


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On the Road from Burns - Stories from Central Oregon has been nominated for the annual Pacific Northwest Booksellers Award.

Front Cover - On the Road from BurnsOn the Road from Burns brings to life a still remote part of the American west.  In sixteen stories dating from 1853 to 2037, Ted Haynes presents fascinating characters encountering the unique challenges of the land and its history.  We meet pioneers, Indians, scoundrels, lumbermen, cowboys, and even aliens who love to ride horses.  If you know Central Oregon you will see it anew in these stories.  If you don’t yet know this magical land you are in for an exciting introduction.


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Book CoverCentral Oregon was the last frontier of the American West.  Mountains, deserts, and deep river gorges kept it isolated well into the twentieth century.  The region was almost uninhabited when William Plutarch Vandevert, legendary bear hunter, homesteaded a site on the Little Deschutes River in 1892 and built a log house that served his family for three generations.  The Vandeverts raised cattle, sold timber, and served their community as civilization grew up around them.  The ranch has been home to a stage stop, a frontier post office, a one room schoolhouse, a dance pavilion, horses, dogs, sheep, and even a duel.  Today the ranch is home to some of the finest log homes in the west.   

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Dot.com Terrorist CoverWhen his dot.com company fails and his marriage fails along with it, Jeff Hanley is pulled back from the brink by a strange man with a stranger proposition. Will Jeff commit an act of terrorism to give his wife and children enough money to live on? Will refusing put his family in danger? Are the terrorists for real? Does the money actually exist? 

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