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Coming June 17, 2019

The sequel to Suspects -

The Mirror Pond Murders


Book Cover - Mirror Pond Murders - skull under water with bubblesWhen attorney Sarah Chatham is asked to claim, for local Indians, a girl’s skeleton found at the bottom of Mirror Pond, she learns she has a personal connection to the victim of a crime.  Sarah is determined to find who is responsible for putting the girl in the water.  It won’t be the last death related to Sarah, to Mirror Pond, or to Rajneeshpuram—the strangest city ever built in Oregon.

Working with City of Bend Police Detective, Jim Sorenson, Sarah enlists an uneven team of friends and strangers, with strengths, weaknesses, and fears of their own, to uncover the girl’s story and reveal the alarming truths behind multiple murders. 

With continuing characters from Suspects, Ted Haynes’ first murder mystery set in Central Oregon, The Mirror Pond Murders combines danger, suspense, and intriguing personalities in a page-turning story. 


Available to bookstores through Ingram. 

$14.99 U.S./$15.99 Canada

ISBN 978-0-9646506-8-8